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My Cycling Log

2003-06-15 23:22:03 236

Yesterday was fun. The almighty Trae was here with his new minion Chris. So we made with tradition and grilled big pieces of pig and chicken like the cavemen we are. Jeremy made some special sauce that was pretty good, Lisa made some interesting potato salad, and I made my magical beans. Everything ended up being great along with a nice white merlot (pronounced MER - LOT of course). Eventually the crazy kids left for good times in the refuge and Emily and I had fun talking to the enlightened David Garraway. The only bad thing was that it seemed like Lisa was pissed at me for something but I could not get whatever it is out of her. Maybe I just make things out of nothing. At least Hannah likes me again.

Church this morning, then lunch at Oby's for my first time ever with Emily + parents, then Bruce Almighty, cleaned apartment, church again, then ate with people at Bulldog Deli and Emily's parents coincidentally being there. Fun day.

The song of the measurable time period is Pete Yorn's Strange Condition.

2003-06-14 15:06:24 235

Now that I have some Kremlyovskaya chocolate vodka, whatever will I do with it?

2003-06-14 12:58:59 234

Survived Friday 13th with a full moon at the Nut. It was pretty busy all night until about midnight. The *only* customers I had in more than an hour was Chris and Co. coming to buy beer. At least I do not have to work until Monday.

I fixed a bug with my php so the last number of the "jump to page" thingy at the bottom works right. I also added a "next" link to make things a little more user stupid.

2003-06-13 16:02:15 233

Wheee, the Olsen twins are 17. One more year....

I have to close the Nut again. Except tonight it is open until 1. Poor me. Chris and Trae are supposed to get in sometime tonight so there might be something going on when I get off. At least I do not have to work again until Monday night.

2003-06-11 01:12:41 232

Went with people to Hamilton AL to a Ramp service. It was interesting and like nothing I have ever seen. In the process I learned that Emily's Church of God is *way* different than mine. Turns out mine is associated with Anderson University in Indiana and her's is with the CoG of Cleveland, Tennessee. So what I would say now is that if you put Baptist on the right of the scale and Pentecostal on the left, my church is near the right and her's is near the left. Yep, makes sense to me.

I have to close the Nut tonight. Poor me. Just hope there are not too many crazies about.

Even fark knows that they suck: Linkin Park singer released from hospital. Turns out hamsters are now classified as "parasites".

2003-06-08 21:55:00 231

My life could be a soap opera.

Robyn and I are "just dating" now. Apparently her ex has more of a problem with this new situation than anyone :) This is all good because I hung out with Emily for most of the weekend. Had lots of fun today; we went to church this morning, then the pool, then church again tonight. And of course poor Hannah is not completely happy with me. Plus Richelle did not respond to the last email I sent a week ago so I am kinda sad and still have to get some stuff back from.

2003-06-04 15:53:33 230

The Democrat has a story about Binkey "I will do anything for the black vote" Vines and his campaign signs being stolen this past weekend. Good thing all of my friends were in Natchez partying it up and being *way* too drunk to drive anywhere to be "organized" enough to steal 300 signs.

2003-06-02 19:10:17 229

The great Dan Harkins sent me this which simplifies the SCO/Linux/IBM/Novell into terms that us poor Mississippi fools can understand.

Worked at Brewski's by myself for the first time today. Learned that it sucks. Or at least it is *way* more hectic than the package store. This one guy bought two six packs of some cheap crap and I bagged it for him. He managed to turn it sideways on the way out of the door and busted an entire six pack. Then he came back in and bought another, and managed to drop it before he got it into his truck. Thankfully he gave up by this point and left. Of course I had several customers so I called the office for help and one of them came down and cleaned up all of the glass. Good times. At least I get to try out Coconut's Wednesday, and after that it will be back to the good ole package store until next week when I get to start the Brewski's saga again on Monday.

2003-06-01 13:13:48 228

I worked so hard last night. The store was freaking busy with the baseball tourney going on and it being a Saturday night. I had this one massive "Jim screwed up and had to void crap and recharge a credit card" episode but I think it will be ok. After I finished up, I came home and was bored, so I went and found the girls at the pub. It was loads of fun seeing Nicole having a good time. Then later Robyn and I went to Hardee's and I had the best tasting hamburger ever.

My quote of the day: "You are dressed appropriately for your hair to match."

2003-05-31 02:44:38 227

Wheee. Went to the Hunt Club after work last night. Everyone else was already there and was a wee bit liquored up. I was not in the greatest shape to be at work at 9:15 but I managed and put up 35 cases of stuff. It took forever because there were so many pint and half pint stuff to price. And so now Robyn is with Lisa making this a "girls night out" even though tomorrow night was already determined to be "girls night out" because I was going to be at work. Wah, the one night I do not have to work that Robyn is here and she is somewhere else.

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