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My Cycling Log

2003-05-12 10:03:21 211

Wheee. Robyn got to go to the beach with Jeremy on Saturday; I got to go to the pool with Hannah :) So now I am a wee bit burnt. Wah.

I did not leave Starkvegas until 6PM because I was waiting on Nicole's parents to get there so I could help move furniture and stuff. But they left the coast late, so she called me. Then I had to wait on Garraway to come get his shoes. At least the trip down went well, I got on highway 25 at exactly 6 and was in my driveway at 10.

Dad and I fixed the broken lug stud on the back of my car last night. It was more complicated than when I replaced a brake caliper last spring. To get to the thing, the caliper and the rotor had to come off. But of course the rotor did not want to come off. And then when you finally get the new stud put into the wheel hub, you have to use a lug and tighten it until the stud comes through, which is *hard* because there is nothing to keep the hub from turning. Except when you cheat and but a bar between the other studs to keep it from moving. So basically my car now has 20 lug studs like it should, and Wal-Mart will be able to rotate my tires now.

2003-05-09 17:28:23 210

My room is somewhat clean. Both of my trumpets are spotless inside and out. Yay, I even played for a while. I am so bored; wish I could find a job right now. Lots of productivity going on this week. The other night we wandered over to a party in building O. I knew one ZTA there and met another who is a computer engineer. Chris managed to meet our neighbors in the next building over, or at least one and her cousin who is graduating from the W tomorrow. David is at home bumming it out lifeguarding for the country club. Oh for my old lifeguard job back; if only the pool was not shut down. Loads of fun.

Robyn's mom does not like the Mexico trip idea. I swear, she must try to check up on me every day :)

2003-05-06 18:51:54 209

The toll free number of the day is 1-866-868-4433

2003-05-05 22:40:13 208

Whee, almost done with exams. Time to waste some time. The best flash calculator is here. You need sound; my favorite is 0. Of course then there is the penis size calcultor for hours of fun.

So the proverbial "drive to Mexico" trip is on. Berryhill and I have been talking about it since freshman year. This year classes do not start until the Wednesday after band camp ends on Friday so we have a few days to kill. I cannot decide what the best way to get there is; to go across to Dallas and down, or down to Baton Rouge and across. Oh well, we will figure that out later.
2003-05-04 21:30:07 207

El neato weekend. "It's go time" said by Jeremy has to sum it all up. There might be pics. There aready is video but it is bad. Very bad.

2003-05-02 11:35:27 206

Yes. JSP really was my friend on the exam. I even managed to teach myself Javascript regular expressions during the test to answer a 20 point question.

The el lamo quote of the measurable time period is "Good luck on your exam baby, I love you."

2003-05-02 00:27:33 205

So I went to this new club with Lisa because she had VIP passes. It was nice but not nearly as good as Albuquerque if you know what I mean. Thankfully it was free. Yay. Now there is just that pesky CS3 exam at 8 AM. No worries because it is on JSP, and JSP is my friend. My really really good friend. Yeah it is.

My DNS has been screwed up for a little while. It seems to be fixed now though so everyone should be happy and make merry.

2003-04-30 18:02:35 204

I am 17 ears and 1928.23 hectareliters tall! My dad commands a soy farm!

Saw some nice lightbulb jokes on collegehumor:
How many Zeta sisters does it take to change a lightbulb?
Four - One to take a picture, two to scream "Zeta love!" and one to call her flavor of the week to fix it.

Yeah it is funny, even though I have never heard a Zeta scream "Zera love," I have no doubt that they do it.

2003-04-30 00:36:04 203

Tonight was the night the lights went out in Starkvegas. Josh and I were coming back from the FMA/SAI EC meeting and were on Blackjack when all of the street lights and 91.1 completely cut out. It was creepy because it was completely dark all the way across town to Avalon. The electricity came back on close to 11, so I got Bill booted up again; but damned if it did not go out for a few more minutes after everything was running ok.

Here are some pics Chris took of the Common's burning.

After all of our Phi Mu Alpha brotherhood activities of Saturday, females showed up in the wee hours of Sunday morning and a few pictures were taken. Berryhill should have some more mabye...

Things got interesting last night when everyone came to Avalon after the last chapter meeting of the year. Rowan even dubbed me with a nickname; have to see if it sticks now.

Yes I am scared now. One of the strings used in a search engine to find this good ole page is "mom sucking young boys free images pictures 01" which is really strange because until now, the words "sucking" and "young" have not been anywhere on the site. I will blame this on a crappy search engine like metacrawler.

2003-04-29 15:44:34 202

"All these mf's must have HDAD or something." - Claude D Peckerwood

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