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My Cycling Log

2003-04-28 09:50:09 201

Fun times. Robyn was in Starkville longer this weekend to see me than ever before. Friday night we went to the Crossgates Party Place, then to Roger's for a nice social gathering. On Saturday Robyn had to ditch me to go with Lisa because we were having a Sinfonian's only brotherhood day. We went out to the Starkville fields and played ultimate, soccer, and kickball until it hurt to move. At least for me it did. Then everyone came back to Avalon and Jeremy and I created magical hamburgers that turned out so great. Had loads of fun watching people who do not drink drink. The girls, Nicole and Robyn, came back over around midnight. Apparently there are pictures. I did not take them so when people give them to me I will get them up. I was so tired that night and went to sleep before the party was over. On Sunday morning Robyn and I had fun at the Avalon pool. I feel like I got burnt; I am not red, just this strange light pink color. Then Robyn left at 5:30, wah for me.

On Saturday night, building A of the Commons burned to the ground. Robyn and I saw it Sunday afternoon. It just looks crazy. The entire building is just gone except for one wall.

2003-04-24 18:17:21 200

Wheee. Cal 4 test in the morning, get to see Robyn in the afternoon. Loads of fun.

Only on fark could a headline be: Worms enjoying more sex thanks to nuclear accident.

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2003-04-22 21:34:39 199

No CS3 tomorrow. Happy days.

The song of the day is Superdrag - Sucked Out.

Cingular is dumb. My phone bill is $140. I got a list of every call I made from the website and added up all of the minutes that I used before 9PM on weekdays. Only 212 which as far as I can tell is way less than the 250 minutes I have. Plus they randomly charged me for night and weekend calls. It is so random; one night I called Robyn at 10:24PM for 4 minutes and it was free. Then at 10:27 I called her back for a while and was charged $9.45. Loads of crap I say.

I have my part of the CS3 group project done. If you are bored and are a State student, go here and register and make a profile. That is all that works right now so have fun.

2003-04-21 23:44:13 198

What a weekend. It even started out interesting but only the right people know that story right now. Just say that Lakeland will never be the same. I love my bed at home; I slept so well Thursday night. Went and got groceries with mother Friday morning. I should have gotten a hair cut too but no, Robyn does not want me too. Caught up with Chris and Nony (yep I've delegated the happy couple a collective term) downtown that afternoon. Poor Robyn had made it to Natchez by then, but I had not told her how to get anywhere and to just call me. Apparently T-Mobile phones do not work anywhere near Natchez so she was cellphone less. Of course through lack of planning on my part, the only number she had was my Starkville cell phone. So it only took like $5 worth of quarters from Wendy's to try to call me. But the phone was broke. Luckily some nice guy let her use his cell phone, so I got this really strange number on my phone and almost did not answer it. But I did, and she sounded so upset and said she was at a Wendy's next to a Ryan's and to come get her right now. So I did and everything was peachy when I saved the day.

Anyway formal was great. Robyn looked so hot in her dress :) The Sandbar was ok to eat at. Of course I was the only adult at my table with an ID; poor young Josh and girls who do not carry purses, so we were good like the perfect people we are. Made it back to the Eola for pictures. My parents were there to take pictures and Wesley had made it there by then. So took pictures, danced all night long, blah blah, good times. Better than prom of course.

Saturday Robyn, David, Misty, and I went down to see Granny in Woodville for a while. Those girls must be special because they are the only g/f's who have met her. Then we went to Chris's Frigid Pool Party. There were a bunch of people there and they had actually been swimming. It was getting pretty cloudy and windy by the time we got there so we did not go. Mother cooked for us that afternoon back at home and it was great. Robyn and I went to Fat Mama's so she could be cool like the rest of the Natchez people and get a tshirt. We went down to the boat just to say we had gone. It was actually bigger than what I had expected; there seemed to be almost as many table games as in the coast casinos but there were not as many slots. We met up with Trae and Lisa later and introduced Robyn to Hammer's.

Went to church Sunday and had to sit on the front row because it was almost completely full. That was another first, taking a girlfriend to my church. Yay me. Ate at Ruby's and went home to wait on Chris to get ready to go. Left at 4, I drove Robyn to Meadville where we met Chris. Rode back to Starkvegas with him. The end. Oh yeah, I got more pictures from Megan and added them.

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Sun Apr 20 22:46:43 CDT 2003

Hot non nudes of college hotties gone wild at Phi Mu Alpha Formal 40

There will be more pictures. Maybe.

2003-04-17 14:32:09 197

Yes, the events of Robyn's and my Friday night are largely fabricated. Please do not take them too seriously. At least I am hoping that the email sent to me was a joke because I am not sure that I am up for the "little conversation" with her dad :)

Made a driving music cd for Chris and I. Went a little heavy on the Alabama, but I think it is good stuff since they played Mountain Music at the prom this past weekend. Here's what is on it:
  1. Alabama - Dixie Land Delight
  2. Alabama - High Cotton
  3. Alabama - Song Of The South
  4. Alabama - Mountain Music
  5. Grateful Dead - Casey Jones
  6. Greatful Dead - Truckin'
  7. John Denver - Dueling Banjos
  8. John Denver - Rocky Mountain High
  9. John Denver - Take Me Home Country Road
  10. John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy
  11. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
  12. Patsy Cline & Loretta Lynn - Rocky Top
  13. Susan Tedeschi - It Hurts So Bad
  14. Alabama - Born Country
  15. Conway Twitty - Rocky Top
  16. Fiona Apple - Leaving On A Jet Plane
  17. The Dead Milkmen - If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire

2003-04-16 23:22:36 196

The freakin power blinked today for just a second. Did is spare poor Bill? No of course not. There went the majestic uptime of 21 days. Wah for Bill. Then I forgot that I do not have Apache set to start automatically so the site was down for a few hours. Not like anybody looks at it anyway.

Anna did not ditch us this weekend. I was just being a jackass. Happy now?

Yah, I will be in Natchez this time tomorrow. Robyn is really excited about the weekend. It is going to be great. Just have to remember to get my tux out of the cleaners in the morning. I was so bored tonight that I went aimlessly driving around Starkville and talked to Richelle for a little while. Apparently things got interesting at the ZTA BBQ thing yesterday with the coexistance of the new boyfriend and the ex at the same place. I think it was funny. Sesti and Tony though they were being sneaky talking about it but I knew ;) *It Does Not Matter!!* I do not give a crap. Richelle was and is a really sweet girl, but her and I could have some hella fights. We are both super stubborn people but all is well now that we are friends. I was in sorta bad shape over her for about a month, but then I met Robyn and everything has been peachy since. Now if Robyn would just hurry up and move to Starkvegas so I can see her more than twice a month :)

2003-04-16 00:50:40 195

Played r-ball with Stefan, Tommy, and Sesti tonight. Those fools are scary. Really scary. After a bit I ran another mile a little under 8 minutes; not quite as good as Sunday but almost. Oh well, as long as I can run a 7 minute mile before the end of July I will meet my goal. That should be plenty of time.

Yes boys and girls, I am a good example of a well mannered, clean cut guy that nice girls should marry. As goes the gospel of the parents of Nicole and Amanda. I am entertained so all is well. Wonder if they would mind if I practiced polygamy and married both of them? That might not be "well mannered." Ha, I should not think this is funny because in all fairness this is A Good ThingTM. Yay for me. Sleepy time at last...

2003-04-15 00:50:35 194

Go to Sign up and say polycro referred you. Then request to join the gang AssPounders Yeah, it is loads of fun.

2003-04-14 23:25:24 193

Whee, barely 35 minutes left until tax day. I was fast enough that I got my refund back in Feb.

California poultry farmers are so cool. I mean, when you have 30,000 live chickens to dispose of, what better way is there than to send them through a wood chipper? So far every guy who has heard this story has thought it was great. Sadly it seems that most of the girls I know will be activists for PETA soon.

2003-04-13 21:44:20 192

It was one of those weekends that gets the gold star.

Friday was nice. I made it to the clinic where Robyn works pretty early, about 4:30. I got to see her in action, billing people and sorting files. Later we walked up and down the beach somewhat close to Treasure Bay. Walked for freakin miles. Well, I do not even have to say it but Anna ditched us again; for little league baseball. Yeah she did, and I am sure she have something to say when she reads this. Anyway Robyn and I went to this really nice Italian place called Salvettis (well at least it sounds like that). It was nice, we had 3 bottles of wine and Robyn got to dance on the bar. A few guys gave her money too so it was all good. So then we went to Wal-Mart and broke stuff and ran from security. We hid at Applebee's and drank a *lot* more. Robyn was just downing the liquor. One of the waitresses let Robyn do body shots off of her. It got pretty crazy.

I am really kidding about all of that really bad stuff of course. Just thought Robyn's mom would get a kick out of it. I know mine would. Not really.

Saturday Robyn and I went to this flea market in north Mobile so she could get another imitation Kate Spade. She ended up buying two of course. Anyway we killed time at the mall, then I drove to Spanish Fort. Got lost in the neighborhood trying to find the right street following Mapquest's damn wrong directions. Luckily I saw a familiar street and managed to make it to Amanda's house. I talked to her dad for a while when I got there. Her and her mom were running late because the hair place was being dumb :) I got my tux together, and I am really glad that it fit me because I had never put the whole thing on, coat, vest, and shirt, at the same time. Of course Amanda was looked so great in her awesome purple Vera Wang (yeah I know what that means, I'm not gay and that's ok). Anyway we went to the civic center and took pictures. Then we went to an Italian place, Papa's Place, and met up with Courtney, Megan, and their dates. It was great because out of the couples; I think Amanda knew me the best, which is sad because I had just barely met her at the Mardi Gras ball in Feburary.After we ate, we went to this neat boardwalk and took more pictures. Made it back to the civic center after a while. Her parents and the aunt and uncle I met at Mardi Gras were there for the senior call outs. The call outs consisted of us going around stage and having our names announced as we walked across the stage, paused at the arch, looked at the cameraman with the blue tie, walked down the ramp, and into the crowd. It was just a little bit of a production. But who was there with Amanda Worshum, the reigning Miss Daphney and Miss Jubilee? It was me. Yeah it was. Anyway it was so much nicer than my senior prom with really good decorations and real flowers everywhere. And the dancing was great, I mean Amanda really knows how to shake her butt. Literally. We got a few "disapproving" looks from some of the prim and proper girls around us on the dance floor. Nicole had warned me that Amanda would get us into trouble dancing and would wear me out, but neither happened. Yay for me. Anyway I had such a good time. Yep loads of fun. My pictures turned out really really good, but I will have to find a scanner before they will make it to the website. Wah wah. Oh well, it is late and it is sleepy time now.

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