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My Cycling Log

2003-04-11 10:31:40 191

Took the test to work at Service Zone today. Ha, had to break 18 WPM typing, I only managed 36 :) Then I finished the 30 minute 45 question test in 9 minutes. Then there was a personality test, but I have never used cocaine so it was pretty easy too. Wheee, the lady giving the tests seemed impressed and said I will get a call in a few days for an interview.

Leaving for the coast soon. Hope all of the fools in Starkvegas do not get into too much trouble this Super Bulldog Weekend.

2003-04-10 18:41:10 190

Even better than the quote the other day are all of the quotes from the Iraqi Information Minister. My favorites are:
  • "Our initial assessment is that they will all die"
  • "We made them drink poison last night and Saddam Hussein's soldiers and his great forces gave the Americans a lesson which will not be forgotten by history. Truly."
  • "On this occasion, I am not going to mention the number of the infidels who were killed and the number of destroyed vehicles. The operation continues"
  • "I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have started to commit suicide under the walls of Baghdad. We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly."
  • "Their casualties and bodies are many."
Oh yeah. 48 hours until prom. Nicole even wished me luck. Not really, she just told me to have a good time, and further reinforced the idea that her sister is going to have no mercy and dance poor ole me into the ground. Great, here's to me being able to walk Sunday :)

2003-04-10 12:47:57 189

Well today started off sucking. I could not find my wallet anywhere before I had to leave for CS. The last place I knew that I had it was at Wendy's last night. So I got back here after class and found the damn thing; it had fallen off the other side of my bed. At least now I can pick up my dry cleaning and get gas in my car. Wheee, commerce.

2003-04-10 00:11:10 188

Yah, I got my JSP frontend to work with SQL through JDBC. Yeah I did.

2003-04-09 01:13:30 187

Yah. Richelle came over and we watched an Enterprise and had a good ole time. Showed her the pics of the last party; I have now been officially deemed a "man whore" by her because of them. Wah for me. I did have to part with the mountain lion painting because her mom wants it back. She did promise me a print of it, so I have to remember to keep on her until I get it. She got the Fossil job in Dallas so everything is going to be peachy for her. Loads of fun :)

2003-04-08 10:19:29 186

Quote of the week:
"Iraq will not be defeated. Iraq has now already achieved victory - apart from some technicalities." -- Iraqi Ambassador Mohsen Khalil

2003-04-07 13:33:01 185

At least most of my bitching the other day was because of a misunderstanding. People making poor choices of words make things more interesting every day :)

Robyn was at Talledaga yesterday. I actually watched the entire race along with Michael Berryhill starting at lap 5 when there was a 27 car accident. Robyn called and I could hear the cars going by the stands and see them on tv. Now she wants me to go to a race. Ha.

Saturday was fun. Avalon/Crossgates had a crawfish boil and blocked off the street between the complexes. We got a cooler full of crawfish at first but after it was gone, it was almost impossible to get anymore because of all of the people. Two guys from Falter were playing and they sucked. We did not stay around long enough to see 17th Floor. At least I got some sun finally. In fact the ladies over at Sesti/Jeremy/Bryan's last night asked if I had been tanning. Things sure get crazy over there when Nicole and Monica are over.

The song of the week is Susan Tedeschi's It Hurt So Bad. Yay, blues.

2003-04-05 10:42:41 184

So last night there was this little gathering to celebrate Jeremy and James turning 21. If not for being their birthday last week, I would have dubbed this party the "Drama Queen Party." So much drama with just a few people makes it interesting for everyone. Even I had some of it directed my way; apparently if someone asks you to do something and you do it, they retain the right to act pissy later on. Plus, I wish people would get over their sad sad heartache tales. I can get over my hearbreak; other people should be able to leave all of this petty crap behind them. It drives me insane to see/hear the same ole crap every time certain people get together.

Otherwise it was a great party, and that link up there goes to the pictures if anyone was wondering.

2003-04-04 14:06:40 183

Haha Berryhill, Perl Jam officially sucks now. Eddie Vedder is a tool and bitched about Bush.

My mom and Robyn's mom both have found my website. There is not anything *too* bad on here.

Tonight Phi Mu Alpha along with Sigma Alpha Iota is going to sing the Banner for the baseball game. If it does not get rained out... Then the rest of tonight is to be spent celebrating Jeremy's first 21 years.

"Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?" -- the great Renton.

2003-04-02 19:48:57 182

Whooo. Jeremy Gray is 21 finally! Going to the Hunt Club. Yah loads of fun (slight hint of sarcasim). It will not be nearly as fun as when we went with Robyn of course.

Fiona Apple is going to be my wife. Just wait and see. Yeah she is a few years older than me but that will be ok. I can manage. Just listening to "Ugly Girl" today and a few of the lyrics stuck out as really funny to me: She's so nice
That it makes up for her face
There's no way, do you have to keep your eyes closed
Do you have to keep the lights down low?
Oh I bet you wish you had a blind fold
Can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl

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