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My Cycling Log

2003-03-30 16:09:28 176

The website of the week is the Tard Blog. It is so funny because most of the stories remind me of Mother's tales of her elementary school kids being total dumbasses.

big scary bear Here is a bear. From someone who cares. I have been listening to a little too much Radiohead. Nicole says using so many lyrics in my away messages is depressing her. Of course I say "Wah." At least I have been having fun on Gnutella finding rare and hard to get songs. Stuff like Coke Baby and Bishop's Robes that were not released in the US anyway. The best random thing so far is an a capella cover of Creep by the Middlebury Dissipated Eight. What makes it better is that it is not the "radio friendly" version of Creep either.

At least now I have a little over 8 gig of mp3's. Sadly my poor home partition is 52% full at 44 gigs used. Need to burn a few movies or something I guess. At least I made a backup cd of all of the important stuff like my labs, perl scrips, and FMA minutes.

There is so much drama in Starkvegas. At least it keeps me entertained.

Oh and for a truly interactive experience, try out the new Tag Board.

2003-03-29 17:59:04 175

Arg, poor got hacked and replaced by ":O) bombombom -------------- all your bass are belong to us -------------- props to rebel, nebunu, suspect, xmb, freestyler, saddam hussein happy birthday neb ;) rooted by allah".

2003-03-29 17:14:47 174

Twas a party at Roger's last night that did not suck at all. In fact I had a pretty decent time even with all of the drama and such.

Rusty *is* gay! This kid is creepy.

2003-03-28 18:12:50 173

Yeah, this is old, but is funny as hell. These images are supposed to do something if you highlight them in IE.

The nav menu over there looks different now. I was playing around with a tag board under the menu for a while. I am giving up for now on it because it works fine in Phoenix but looks like crap in IE. Wah wah, stupid Microsoft.

The search terms finding this site are just getting strange. The first one, "Sesser" is pretty obvious. But then the ones like "zta lsu" and "free justin timberlake mp3 down loads" ?

2003-03-26 13:54:49 172

Whee, red heads have less pain and it is going to be illegal to not have sweet tea in Georgia.

But to make everything better, the sixth Radiohead album will be out in June.

2003-03-25 16:26:35 171

Back in Starkvegas where the air is thick enough to breath with nice humidity in it, the grass is green, and the trees look nice. The plane ride back seemed really quick. I managed to pick out most of Starkville on the flyover; Avalon and Crossgates are really easy to find with the new Highway 25 next to them. Just have to catch up on school now.

I fixed the pictures. They are thumbnailed here.

2010-05-10 07:00:00 170

So a few pictures are up in here but there are no thumbnails as of yet. Have to wait until I make it home. Some are a little screwed up because in ftping them some bits must have gotten flipped.

The view from our hotel.
Dr Min at the game.
Yah, cheerleaders.
One of the Lauras getting a little too friendly with Tony.
Candice and Bully.
Chris and Tony with the Nazi ass rent-a-cop from hell.
The view of The Pit where we watched the first half of the first game.

2010-05-10 07:00:00 169

Whee New Mexico rules. Well it is ok. Not super super but good enough. I am working on uploading some pics. My laptop is acting screwy so I do not have a X display to run my gimp thumbnailer script.

2003-03-19 12:15:10 168

It is finally nice outside. So nice that there are chicks at the pool. Truly a glorious day, except that I am about to go take a Calculus exam, followed by a CS 3 exam, followed by band, followed by a digital lab, and I have been up since 5:30. Wheee wheee. I might be in New Mexico with the pep band by this time tomorrow. Albuquerque is freakin hard to spell, I had to ask Google. Arg, according to it is 37 degrees and raining. That sucks so bad. Maybe if we are there for the whole week, there will be time to go to California. According to CitySearch there seems to be some pretty good clubs and stuff. But I have no idea what hotel we will be in so I cannot figure out if any are close.

2003-03-17 23:45:59 167

Some jackasses climbed up on the Syndey Opera House to spread their French anti-war propaganda.

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