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2003-02-23 21:05:01 161

Wheee, what a weekend. Robyn made it up here Friday afternoon. Josh and I cooked pizzas for the girls. We had a manly pizza for us with a whole pound of sausage, most of an onion, peppers, pepperoni, and two kinds of cheese. The girls pizza was little and only had pepperoni and cheese on it with peppers on half.

So then there was a party that night and I already have the pictures up. No guitar playing dorks this time but there was this girl who showed up with somebody and stayed on the phone the whole time. I think she disappeared after Mike and Bryan started plotting on the other end of the couch. I hear that the party lasted until 3AM but I crashed pretty early. My own fault for using too much Everclear in my drink.

So Saturday we hit the Hat because the theater was too full at 2 to see Old School. Saw Old School at 4 and it was great. Robyn and I went to big ole Columbus because she suddenly wanted to go to Old Navy and try and waste some money. We went to Applebee's so that I could try out her favorite drink, a green apple martini. It was so nice being 21 out somewhere with a 21 year old woman for the first time. After that I took her out to Fantasy Land. Yep good times. Sadly I think I have been out there four or five times. Never bought anything there besides incense and that Christmas that I bought people funny stuff. Came back to Starkvegas and finished the evening off with a little Office Space.

Yep, loads of fun. So this weekend gets the number one spot, last weekend's Mardi Gras ball gets number two :) It has been such a nice semester so far.

2003-02-20 22:31:13 160

I have to keep updating this on a regular basis because my brother, the almighty David, checks it daily.

2003-02-18 19:09:21 159

Arg, Bill's wonderful 120GB hard drive died early Friday morning. I am still missing some stuff from the webpage but here is a start on putting it back. Bill is now running off of two 4 gig SCSI drives and using my extra Western Digital 15.3 as my "mp3" drive.

This weekend was great. The ball was so much bigger than what I had imagined. There were at least a few thousand people there, everyone was dressed in such nice formal wear and getting completely wasted. There were only like four bands/dj's in different parts of the place :) I got to see Cowboy Mouth again. We (Nicole, Monica, Me, Adam, Amanda, and Courtney) ended up in one of the "booty music" dj places and had a nice time. Saturday we went to Gulf Shores. That's right, I was on the freakin beach on Feb 15! And it was not freezing at all! There were even little kids playing in the water. Then we went shopping at a bazillion places; I got some more souvenir shop sunglasses and my yearly pair of Reef flip-flops. Ate at the Oyster House and had crawfish cooked three different ways. Anyway we eventually made it back to Starkvegas Sunday night where it was a nice 31 degrees and I had on but flip-flops and short sleeves.

Friday morning, Robyn and I decided to go the boyfriend/girlfriend route, so I am not a single boy anymore. Yah for me, no seriously I am really happy. Trying out the long distance relationship. At least it will not be this way forever with her coming to State in the fall. Seems like we talk an hour or two every day which is nice because it is more than I talked to my gf per day when I had one here :) Anyway I will get to see Robyn in a mere three days, and I am going to the coast to see her the next week.

See what happens when crap breaks? I have to make really long posts. Last Thursday night I went to a casino for the first time. Ben randomly messaged me and asked if I wanted to go. So we went to the Golden Moon and had some fun. I played blackjack and ended up only down $5 on the night. We were comped a buffet so the $5 was not bad at all.

2003-02-13 09:28:14 158

As the party fund stagnates at $0....

I talked to Robyn last night for hours. My poor phone's life time has made it to 34.5 hours now and I had only reached 24 hours last week. I am halfway through my 1000 night and weekend minutes for this month. Looking at Cingular's website, the "Cingular Preferred Nation 250" that I have has been upgraded to have 5000 night and weekend minutes. Maybe I can get mine changed for free.

2003-02-12 18:48:47 157

Sitting on my balcony, no shoes, on the internet, not a cloud in the sky. It's so pretty. Now if the girl from across the way would come out on her balcony...

Picked up my tux. First time I have ever gotten a tux with tails. It seems more like a cape than a jacket.

2003-02-12 10:02:35 156

Can you say Lollapalooza in 2003? I sure can. Wheee, Jane's Addiction. The only bad thing is that the closest city so far is Atlanta.

I feel sorta weird, just downloaded a Justin Timberlake song, Cry Me a River, off of gnutella. It is actually kinda good, and the video is really funny in a stalker exboyfriend way.

2003-02-11 08:50:14 155

Hey you!

Donate to the party fund!

2003-02-11 01:06:27 154

Hillman's actually told me to post some news. He must have nothing to do at all.

Richelle came over earlier and got the rest of her stuff. We talked for a while and everything seems to be peachy. She has got her a guy to date, and I have a girl to talk to on the phone (and maybe date someday :) At least things are pretty much the same; her with a younger J guy; me with an older R girl with an alternate spelling. Yah, at least I still have somebody to watch Enterprise with.

So I am listening to a few new people now. Those chicks in TaTu are just fine to be 18ish Russian lesbo babes who play in the water and make out in their video for "All The Things She Said". They can kinda sing too; I found their cover of "How Soon is Now?" and it is really good. Then there is this band called Morcheeba who is great in the Portishead trip-hop tradition. But my favorite song of the moment is "Love's Theme" by Pizzicato Five, sorta a techo trip-hop blend with some vocals (but no actual words) and it has freakin trumpets so it is wonderful.

Oh, and I wrote hundreds of lines of Java today. Yep loads of fun. Fuck you RegistrationSystem.class and the method you rode in on. 332 lines of code and another 75 for Scheduler.class. *This* page is a mere 375 lines now!!!

2003-02-09 16:22:09 153

Natchez was great. Got the once per three months haircut, ate at the Eola again, took everyone to Hammer's, twice, and got two grand tours of the Eola from Chris, one Friday and one Saturday. Saw both Davis's and came into a conflict with Sesti and Tony over which one is cuter.

2003-02-07 12:44:09 152

So on Slashdot there is a discussion about Valentines Day plans and this guy has the plan. My plans are centered around having a cute date to a formal event.

Whee, leaving for Natchez in a few hours. Sesti and Tony are riding down with me; Chris left early this morning. Even the illustrious Davis's are coming up from that hellhole known as LSU. Just have to keep those crazy kids out of trouble.

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