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My Cycling Log

2003-02-12 10:02:35 156

Can you say Lollapalooza in 2003? I sure can. Wheee, Jane's Addiction. The only bad thing is that the closest city so far is Atlanta.

I feel sorta weird, just downloaded a Justin Timberlake song, Cry Me a River, off of gnutella. It is actually kinda good, and the video is really funny in a stalker exboyfriend way.

2003-02-11 08:50:14 155

Hey you!

Donate to the party fund!

2003-02-11 01:06:27 154

Hillman's actually told me to post some news. He must have nothing to do at all.

Richelle came over earlier and got the rest of her stuff. We talked for a while and everything seems to be peachy. She has got her a guy to date, and I have a girl to talk to on the phone (and maybe date someday :) At least things are pretty much the same; her with a younger J guy; me with an older R girl with an alternate spelling. Yah, at least I still have somebody to watch Enterprise with.

So I am listening to a few new people now. Those chicks in TaTu are just fine to be 18ish Russian lesbo babes who play in the water and make out in their video for "All The Things She Said". They can kinda sing too; I found their cover of "How Soon is Now?" and it is really good. Then there is this band called Morcheeba who is great in the Portishead trip-hop tradition. But my favorite song of the moment is "Love's Theme" by Pizzicato Five, sorta a techo trip-hop blend with some vocals (but no actual words) and it has freakin trumpets so it is wonderful.

Oh, and I wrote hundreds of lines of Java today. Yep loads of fun. Fuck you RegistrationSystem.class and the method you rode in on. 332 lines of code and another 75 for Scheduler.class. *This* page is a mere 375 lines now!!!

2003-02-09 16:22:09 153

Natchez was great. Got the once per three months haircut, ate at the Eola again, took everyone to Hammer's, twice, and got two grand tours of the Eola from Chris, one Friday and one Saturday. Saw both Davis's and came into a conflict with Sesti and Tony over which one is cuter.

2003-02-07 12:44:09 152

So on Slashdot there is a discussion about Valentines Day plans and this guy has the plan. My plans are centered around having a cute date to a formal event.

Whee, leaving for Natchez in a few hours. Sesti and Tony are riding down with me; Chris left early this morning. Even the illustrious Davis's are coming up from that hellhole known as LSU. Just have to keep those crazy kids out of trouble.

2003-02-05 23:08:33 151

Going to Natchez this weekend, going to Mobile next weekend, having a party here the next, Mardi Gras the next, Women's SEC the next, Spring break / Men's SEC in New Orleans the next, NCAA playoffs somewhere the next, maybe more NCAA playoffs the next (hopefully), ha a free weekend, Super Bulldog Weekend, Phi Mu Alpha formal / Easter, "dead day" weekend, and the semester is over. Fairly sure I did not leave anything out.

The men beat Vandy by 22 tonight. Talked to Robyn for a while afterward. Whee, I might get to see her in Mobile next weekend; if Nicole will let me of course. At least I know I will see her in two weeks. I guess it is time for some freakin Java.

2003-02-05 16:21:46 150

Got so bored I wrote a perl script that puts all of my current away messages from gaim on a page. Here is the page and here is the script.

Maybe I will stall even more from studying for CS3 and add some more features... Of course first I have to go to band and a bball game.

2003-02-04 18:48:24 149

Yah, life is weird. Hmmm, I had something interesting to say earlier but now have apparently forgot it.

2003-02-03 13:09:21 148

This week sucks. Two tests. Two labs. Loads of fun. At least I am going to Natchez this weekend and have time to just do nothing. I have talked to Robyn almost every day since last weekend. Makes me a happy boy, yep, loads of fun.

Anyway it looks like we are going to have a party on Feb 21. So if you want to donate, give away:
Think this one is going to be called the "We Are Poor Now" party so be sure to give and give often.

2003-01-29 12:45:42 147

Yah, my standard deduction for Federal taxes is just a little more than what I made so I get all of my taxes back. Just have to wait until next week so I can file state taxes online too...

Now the rest of the world is starting to fear the power of the Evil WalMart Empire.

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