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My Cycling Log

2003-02-04 18:48:24 149

Yah, life is weird. Hmmm, I had something interesting to say earlier but now have apparently forgot it.

2003-02-03 13:09:21 148

This week sucks. Two tests. Two labs. Loads of fun. At least I am going to Natchez this weekend and have time to just do nothing. I have talked to Robyn almost every day since last weekend. Makes me a happy boy, yep, loads of fun.

Anyway it looks like we are going to have a party on Feb 21. So if you want to donate, give away:
Think this one is going to be called the "We Are Poor Now" party so be sure to give and give often.

2003-01-29 12:45:42 147

Yah, my standard deduction for Federal taxes is just a little more than what I made so I get all of my taxes back. Just have to wait until next week so I can file state taxes online too...

Now the rest of the world is starting to fear the power of the Evil WalMart Empire.

2003-01-29 09:26:16 146

The Onion is wonderful, the Depressed Roommate story is great. Thankfully I did not turn out that way :)

<rant mode> Apparently there is a phenomena, I will call it the "ex locater beacon", that gets initialized whenever someone breaks up. It is so amazing; whenever a friend, or a friend of a friend, sights your ex significant other, they make special effort to notify you of it, what they were doing, and who they were with (and if the other person is cute or not). This is crap. I do not care. Where can I un-sign up for the beacon? Will it ever go away? It has to go away somewhat soonish with her going out of state so I will not be nearly as bad off as those poor guys who have been broken up with someone for a year and are still getting location updates :) </rant mode>

2003-01-28 15:40:13 145

The quote of the week is "Sure looks real doesn't it?" from Bryan Ware as relayed to me from Lisa.

School sucks. Digital test Friday, oh the horrors of hex addition.

2003-01-26 19:02:55 144

Yah. I am counting this weekend as way up there on the "Best Weekend Ever" list. I met a really great girl named Robyn, but sadly she had to go back home before the Super Bowl. Wah for me. At least it is halftime and Tampa is way ahead. So this weekend gets the number one spot, the Mardi Gras Madness ZTA party falls to a distant second, and 2002 NCAA Women's playoffs in Lubbock is now third.

Gwen was on during the halftime. I love Gwen. Yep, definately the best weekend ever.

2003-01-26 11:00:57 143

So we had a little get to gether at Sesti's Friday night. Things went well, we had the guitar playing dork, Sesti met a girl, I pretended to make out with Monica, again, and I met a really nice coastie.

2003-01-24 10:40:14 142

So I was reading the Democrat's website this morning and saw that International Paper is shutting down its Natchez plant. Now one time, all together, "Natchez is fucked!!" It is terrible; I have several friends whose parents worked at IP.

2003-01-24 09:45:00 141

It is so cold. Stephanie's pipes froze last night. We actually turned the heat on for once. Yesterday it was hard to make it from Evans parking lot to Butler because the wind was so bad.

2003-01-22 12:30:08 140

Yah, 10,000 hits on Monday when I put the pics up.

My classes are great. This has got to be a 4.0 semester.

Made a new cd today with 18 songs:

Unkle f/ Thom Yorke- Rabbit in your Headlights (Massive Attack Reverse Light Instrumental Remix)
Dead Eye Dick - New Age Girl
The Donnas - Take It Off
Scott Weiland - But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode cover)
No Doubt - Just A Girl (acoustic)
Zwan - Baby Let's Rock
Meat Puppets - We Don't Exist
Dave Matthews Band - Grace Is Gone
Scott Weiland - Barbarella
Silverman - Ctrl Alt Del
Goldfinger - Disorder
Silverman - Whatever Turns You On
Goldfinger - Superman
Ash - Goldfinger
Goldfinger - Vintage Queen
Pulp - Like a Friend
David Bowie - Nature Boy
Sheryl Crow - Over You

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