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My Cycling Log

2003-01-24 09:45:00 141

It is so cold. Stephanie's pipes froze last night. We actually turned the heat on for once. Yesterday it was hard to make it from Evans parking lot to Butler because the wind was so bad.

2003-01-22 12:30:08 140

Yah, 10,000 hits on Monday when I put the pics up.

My classes are great. This has got to be a 4.0 semester.

Made a new cd today with 18 songs:

Unkle f/ Thom Yorke- Rabbit in your Headlights (Massive Attack Reverse Light Instrumental Remix)
Dead Eye Dick - New Age Girl
The Donnas - Take It Off
Scott Weiland - But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode cover)
No Doubt - Just A Girl (acoustic)
Zwan - Baby Let's Rock
Meat Puppets - We Don't Exist
Dave Matthews Band - Grace Is Gone
Scott Weiland - Barbarella
Silverman - Ctrl Alt Del
Goldfinger - Disorder
Silverman - Whatever Turns You On
Goldfinger - Superman
Ash - Goldfinger
Goldfinger - Vintage Queen
Pulp - Like a Friend
David Bowie - Nature Boy
Sheryl Crow - Over You

2003-01-20 15:50:05 139

Whee. Got the pics up. Here is Page 1 and here is Page 2.

Lots of ladies.

Me and Stephanie
Me and Heather
Me and Lisa
Me and Dory
Me and Mary
Me and Kacy (and Mary)
Me and Heather again
Me and Nicole
Me and Nicole again
Me and Monica
Me in Sesti's bed
ok ok, that's all. Alrighty, here's just one more.

Anyway it was a great party. Of course there is always one dork that just has to play the guitar.

2003-01-20 09:45:29 138

Last night was interesting to say the least. The pics are coming. Soon.

2003-01-19 00:39:29 137

My room is so clean. Well except for the trash can but I will fix that tomorrow.

The song of the day is True Love Waits by Radiohead of course.

2003-01-18 12:34:48 136

Sam Goody is dumb. I mean has everyone at least even heard of Depeche Mode? In the past few weeks I have heard at least once a reference of being gay / listening to Depeche Mode :) so it is not like it is not at least somewhat mainstream. Just as long as my mighty gtk-gnutella does not fail me now to find their Ultra album. So far all I have found is the first track, Barrel of a Gun and it seems nice. Anyway when I was at the Sam Goody, I had $10 of free money to blow, and today was a triple point day, so I blew it on Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings. The really sad thing is that freaking Wal-Mart has a Depeche Mode section; but alas all they only had two albums other than Ultra.

2003-01-18 02:53:23 135

Yah, went back to Rick's to see Ingram Hill. It was kinda nice. I'm such a sad boy though. Everyone is being so nice to me trying to keep me happy. I just do not want to turn into the proverbial psyco-ish exboyfriend like my illustrious roommates. I will just get over it or she'll come back. Either way everything will be ok eventually. It just sucks until this eventually happens.

2003-01-17 09:39:34 134

Saliva was great Wednesday. I am still sore. It was late yesterday before I got all of my hearing back in my left ear. Loads of fun.

2003-01-15 13:18:21 133

meatspace time Yah, signed up with geourl and added the meta data to the top of every page.

2003-01-14 14:48:54 132

CS3 lab was actually sorta challenging. I did not completely get my java debugged in lab :( However I have yet another login on a msstate server, this time on disney; the first lab involved making a simple webpage and mine is here.

So it looks like there might be a party in Starkvegas this Sunday. Why on Sunday? Why not? We are out Monday for MLK/REL Day anyway so might as well do something constructive.

I think I should stop listening to Portishead because this stuff is definately not "happy music".

Covered by the blind belief
That fantasies of sinful screens
Bear the facts, assume the dye
End the vows no need to lie, enjoy
Take a ride, take a shot now

It seems pretty deep, but it is still depressing. Guess I'll just listen to this happy song by Ash called Goldfinger. Ha, turns out Ash is from the UK too.

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