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My Cycling Log

2002-11-26 23:15:09 121

Holy shit. They actually had to do "research" to see that men want to have sex with Kylie Minogue.

2002-11-23 08:42:03 120

Richelle dubbed last night's party the "pissy party." The pictures are already up.

Everything was going great. There were lots of people here; friends of friends so I did not *really* know everyone well. A few of Jeremy's friends from home were here; they got here early and were pretty cool. I was in the kitchen getting and noticed them "plotting" around the party ball. I actually saw them pick it up then. So I walked out of the kitchen but stopped before I got too far into the living room. Those assholes picked up the party ball, held it waist high, and headed towards the door. I stopped them before they made it around the bar and made them put it back. They said that Jeremy had said that they could have it, even though they had been acting shady the whole time. I went to find Jeremy to ask him what was going on and he said that he had definately not told them they could take anything. Jeremy went into the kitchen to talk to them; I told Wallace that we might need to make some people leave. So I went into the kitchen, Jeremy was trying to smooth things out but I told them that I wanted them to leave. One guy, Jim I think, headed towards the door. The other, Brandon, was being a dick about the whole thing. He finally headed towards the door and I followed behind him. He slowed down about ten feet before he got to the door and I pushed him some, not hard, just towards the door. He turned around and basically asked if I wanted him to hit me and some crap like that. Even I had a good bit of size on this guy, but Wallace came up from the side, got in front of they guy and pushed him out the door. That was the most entertaining thing I saw that night. Anyway they only made it as far as the courtyard so five minutes later most of the guys here headed downstairs toward them and they ran off to their cars.

Anyway the everything was great after that :)

2002-11-13 23:00:41 119

The W got a lot more damage than I thought. see it here

2002-11-13 20:53:03 118

Fixed my ssi problem. In /etc/apache/conf/commonapache.conf I added:

<Location /*/*>
Options +Includes

2002-11-13 20:30:40 117

Somehow I managed to break the SSI in Apache on Bill. Also if you are not using a standards complient browser like Mozilla or Phoenix some things will not be formatted correctly. I promise I am using valid XHTML, just click on the button near the bottom of the page to check.

2002-11-11 23:26:08 116

On the same day that I see on CNN that Bill Gates is donating $100 million to India for AIDS help/prevention/whatever, Slashdot has this great headline: Microsoft Targeting Indian Developers. A little fishy?

Took circuits test number three this morning. It was terrible. I wrote lots of formulas for everything, pretty sure I got the 30 point problem set up right, so I hope that I get a lot of partial credit.

This weekends trip to Alabama was fun even though we got our ass kicked. It was a lot hotter than I had expected so I had an extra pair of pants on under my uniform. There were no clouds until the fourth quarter which really made the game suck because it started at like 1 PM. We played a lot; nearly every down. The Alabama fans were not assholes like I figured they would be. It made me feel bad about the way I saw them treated at last year's MSU/Alabama men's basketball game after MSU won and upset Alabama. So of fans at the schools I have been to, Kentucky and Alabama are good, Auburn, Ole Miss, and ESPECIALLY LSU are not much fun.

2002-11-05 00:11:38 115

I changed webalizer to not count hits from Bill to the total so it lowered the counts a little and all the hits I give myself making sure pages work will not be counted. Plus I really like Nikka Costa's song So Have I For You and Beck's new song Paper Tiger.

2002-11-03 09:42:31 114

The Kentucky game was great up until halftime yesterday. Of course then it had to start raining a little as we marched on the field. Then it got a lot colder. Then Kentucky scored three times in just a few minutes in the third quarter and everything was downhill from there.

2002-11-01 00:56:37 113

damn microsoft spam That is my girlfriend. No really I promise that really is Richelle. Tonight the Fashion Board did the "Scary Hair" show. It was pretty scary.

I also got my circuits corrections finished today from the evil exam from hell. Happy times.

2002-10-29 22:23:05 112

damn microsoft spam Wowee, those folks over at Hotmail really want to help me fight all of the spam that they are providing. This Hotmail account is barely two years old and gets a few hundred spams a day to the inbox! Even with the maximum addresses blocked and dozens of filter rules.

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