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My Cycling Log

2002-10-29 11:20:33 111

ellen fliess thumb The fan sites dedicated to Apples Switch Campaign ad with Ellen Fleiss in them pretty entertaining...

2002-10-29 01:19:28 110

All of the main pages have been updated to the new style. Sleepy time.

2002-10-28 23:05:17 109

This page has been rewritten in xhtml and is also using stylesheets. Yes it is broken in Netscape 4.x right now, at least the Linux version. However it works just fine in Mozilla 1.0.1-r2 and that is all I care about right now. I will be slowly converting each page to look like this format.

2002-10-27 23:49:47 108

So here is yet another iteration of my website.

2002-10-24 08:22:21 107

Crazy day. I've already been up since 5 AM. Wheee fun. Time to start studying for Circuits.

2002-10-20 12:06:24 106

Beat Memphis's ass last night! Definately the best game this season. We took a huge pep band, about 100 strong. I played so hard and screamed so much that my lip is a little swollen and I can barely talk today. So now MSU is on a mighty two game winning streak and broke its eight or nine game road trip losing streak.

2002-10-19 00:49:46 105

Just decided that the ole news page was getting too big so I archived the past year or so. In a few hours we will be on our way to Memphis. Basically if MSU is going to win anymore games, this is going to have to be one of them.

2002-10-13 23:26:17 104

  • Had a decent party this weekend. Lots of people showed up :) Wheee fun. Sadly we ended up with an extra party ball. It will just have to wait 2 weeks until Tony's birthday. The best from all of the pictures are Waddle's "happy" pics, here, here, and here.

2002-10-07 12:37:36 103

  • This weekend Richelle and I went to Henderson State to see David. It is a whole 300 miles away from Starkvegas so it took a while. I made great time in Mississippi because it was a straight shot across on highway 82. When I got to Arkansas, the roads turned to crap. We did pretty good though, in one of the little towns we got off on a highway 273 that was not even on our map. Luckily it ran back into the road we were supposed to be on. David's dorm is the nicest dorm I have ever seen. Besides the tiny bathroom, the actual design and materials used are way better than my apartment. The greatest thing is that he has classes in the same building. David is pledging Phi Mu Alpha and I went with him to a singing practice before the game. Their stadium is nice but rather small compared to stadiums that I normally see. I think it is actually smaller than Natchez High's statium. It is really neat though, it is in a bowl shaped depression and the stands are on each side of the depression. I think that their band is far better playing band than MSU's. Their pregame show is not too impressive and they do not play much at all in the stands, but their halftime show is the best show I have ever seen in person. Henderson even managed to win the football game even after a fumbled punt almost lost it for them. Both bands have the third quarter off so the Phi Mu Alpha chapters from each got together and sang a few songs. The guys from Henderson had asked me to sing so I got to participate too. David introduced me to their band director and it turns out that he is a Sinfonian too and we talked for a few minutes.

2002-09-23 23:04:24 102

  • I am officially working at ISIP again. Loads of fun. More tutorials!!!
  • Yep, Auburn kicked our ass last week. I can only hope that this season will not be quite as crappy as last year.
  • Put new tires on my car this past weekend. Wheeee, the wobble when I stop is gone. I had gotten so used to it that it is wierd to drive my car now. At least my mileage should be a little better even though I was already getting 17 in town.

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