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My Cycling Log

2008-10-21 21:32:04 870

Traveled to the Sessers' favorite city in proximity to Starkville this weekend, glorious B'ham. Of course Emily had class on Friday afternoon and then again early Saturday so she was in Jackson staying in our newest favorite hotwired hotel, the Staybridge Suites. She got back into Starkvegas a little after 1:00 and we headed out after pickup up Bryan. The ride over was nice an uneventful. We went directly to the shopping center north of the Galleria so Emily could go to the TJ Maxx. Bryan and I went to the Halloween store in the same place and decided not to part with loads of cash for mediocre costumes. However we were both able to find nice jackets in TJ Maxx to blow some cash on. From there we headed up to the Sheraton at the convention center. By my account this is at least the 4th time Emily and I have stayed there. I had pricelined a room for about 60% of the "special deal" I got in an email from Sheraton earlier in the week. We had a nice room off the back of the atrium that's window looked down on the atrium. Was a long way from the elevator but the way I understand things that is usually desired. From there we headed down to Five Points and met up with Jimmy at Surin West. The parking was really sketchy with what seemed like homeless people asking for $5 to park. Luckily we found street parking for us and Jimmy. Supper was freaking awesome. I have to recommend the sushi appetizer that comes as "chef's selection." The chef selected rather well. I ordered the spicy mixed seafood which had a 3 pepper of 3 on the Thai hot scale. It was excellent but not what I would call 3 of 3 on a Thai scale. I've never had Thai food anywhere else but I would at least hope that the highest value would make my eyes water a bit. It didn't get super hot until I loaded up on the cracked red pepper that Bryan requested. After that Jimmy rode with us to Sloss's haunted house. I remember it being absolutely awesome in 2003. In comparison it completely sucked this year. After waiting more than two hours to get in, it was horrible. Anyway from there we went back to Five Points to Dave's and the Blue Monkey and then called it a night and gave our farewell's to Jimmy.

Sunday morning we got up and headed for breakfast. I really wanted IHOP so we went all of the way to Lakeshore to find an IHOP with a full parking lot and people lined up out the door. From there we headed back up Oxmoor to the Waffle House. Major disappointment that they did not have gravy for their new biscuits so Bryan and I missed out. After that we headed back to the block across from our hotel to go to the art museum. The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit was awesome. I have never had a chance before this one to see anything of his in person. The museum actually has a ton of stuff that would take Emily an entire day to view. So I dragged her away after a while (promising that we will be back) and we headed toward the Summit. On the way though we stopped at Vulcan and went up the tower to see all of Birmingham. After that the Summit was enough fun. Emily got to shop while Bryan and I walked around and finally made it to the Apple store. Right before we headed home we stopped for an early supper at SweetBones Alabama and had a meal that was like Dooey's crossed with Macaroni Grill. And as soon as I can reverse engineer their flat cornbread I can die a happy man. Of course from there we headed home on my sleepy full stomach and got back to Starkville before it got too late.

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